The risk of 'Shadow IT' - how to share information securely outside your firewall

Recent high profile security breaches in Australia highlight the dangers of using email as an unsecure communication channel with individuals outside an organisation.

“Email wasn’t designed as a secure messaging platform and almost everything about it is the opposite of how a secure communication system should work. It’s a fraudster’s best friend, and enabled the PEXA fraud.”

- Australian Financial Review

As the AFR stated on July 2nd, the simple truth is email was never designed as a secure communication platform. And yet, it's used every day to handle high value transactions and business of a secure or highly confidential nature in every home, office, and in every industry. 

Email is a ubiquitous communication channel, but it isn't secure, and it is prone to accidental exposures. Similar Shadow IT channels such as USB, DVD, FTP, file transfer sites and paper carry similar risks because they lack the security, confidentiality and data sovereignty that should be a baseline requirement in the Australian and New Zealand public sector. 

Join us for our interactive 30-minute webinar. We'll be:

  • Breaking down the different types of Shadow IT and what tools you need to extend your organisations information governance beyond your firewall.
  • Looking at the common use cases, processes and projects (with a specific focus on local and state government) for external content collaboration, and 
  • Exploring how local councils and state departments can use the right tools to collaborate on content safely in today's digital landscape.
Date: 31 July 2018
Time: 12pm AEST