Coming soon – the Workspace Record

Our latest feature gives you a human readable, courtroom-ready summary of every single interaction across the entire collaboration event.

See exactly what is happening across the entire collaboration event

We understand that while a business only gets audited once a year on their finances, the public sector can be audited at any time on their processes.

 Designed specifically for the public sector, the new Workspace Record is:

  • A report that can be produced at any time,
  • That is broken into sections, is human readable, courtroom-ready, and provides an overall timeline of all events within a Workspace.


Whether you need the Workspace Record to provide long term evidence to settle a dispute, or simply a legal requirement to maintain a record – the new Workspace Record is a comprehensive asset to any government organisation.

 Register now for this webinar – to learn about what’s in the Workspace Record, how it works, when it will be available and how it will be rolled out.

Date: 5 September 2018
Time: Date: 5th September 2018
Time: 12pm AEST

If you can’t make 5th September, an encore of this webinar will run on the 12th. Simply click the register button and self-select the option that best suits you.