Introducing ‘Download as a Permission’

Major product update: Introducing Download as a Permission

Not all collaboration is two-way: introducing download as a permission.

You spoke, and we listened. Within our client base, there are multiple use-cases that require organisations to share content but restrict the ability to download local copies.


To enable these use-cases, Objective Connect will be enhanced with:

  • Universal Preview: Our current preview function is being extended from PDF’s images and videos to Office documents including Words, Excel, PowerPoint and Email. You’ll be able to preview documents in a browser without needing to download the document.
  • Watermarking: Watermarks will be applied to previewed documents when the participant has not been given the ability to download the document. Find out how watermarking will work and what information will be displayed on the watermark.
  • Download as a Permission: The current default ability in Objective Connect is the ability to download a document. A new default will be applied, whereby users will have to select ‘download’ when applying abilities to participants.


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Date: 18 April 2018
Time: 12pm AEST