Regulated organisations across Australia are signing up to Connect for HP TRIM, giving them the ability to securely work with anyone outside of their organisation.

Make every project collaborative and all your team members mobile with Connect for HP TRIM.

Seamlessly integrate HP TRIM documents, permissions and roles with the cloud

Get more from TRIM

There is no need to rebuild the document store and rules to simply collaborate externally. Connect allows you to extend what you have today, removing duplication and eliminating waste.

Right-Click Share

Simply right-click from the HP TRIM to share a container of documents, creating a secure, private workspace to collaborate with external parties.

Maintain Governance

Document Management rules enforced in the cloud. HP TRIM is the single source of truth for documents, at all times.

Always In Sync

Every significant document event is logged; new documents, new versions and audit trails are automatically synchronised between Connect and HP TRIM.

"There was no other option. We wanted something that would integrate into HP TRIM, gave us the full audit trails and that was IRAP assessed. Objective Connect was the only product that hit all of those marks."

Peter O’Halloran, Executive Director and Chief Information Officer

Create secure, private workspaces so you can work with anyone

For just about any use case, utilise the information stored in HP TRIM to streamline the intersection of people, content and process


  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Update Terms
  • Manage Engagements


  • Inter-Agency Engagement
  • Policy and Budget
  • Submissions
  • Outsourced Partners


  • Committee Documents
  • Board Papers
  • Confidential Matters
  • Report Circulation

Case Management

  • Legal Disputes and Processes
  • Safeguarding
  • Healthcare Episodes
  • Development Applications

Balance collaboration, governance and cost in your organisation


Create a single source of truth. Manage permissions, adhere to life-cycle settings, synchronize documents and have complete audit trails by seamlessly integrating HP TRIM with the cloud.


Connect for HP TRIM unlocks the full potential of any project by enabling a collaborative approach to engagement and participation. With government grade-security, you can collaborate on documents, capture conversation and control tasks.


Remove IT overheads. Online workspaces can be provisioned in minutes by business users. Connect for HP TRIM has unlimited users, both internal and external to your organisation - you only pay for what you share.


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