Objective Connect Acceptable Use Policy

Objective Connect is a cloud-based application that enables secure information sharing.

Objective makes the Objective Connect application available to users to use in compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy.

“Users” in this Policy can mean an individual (“You” and “Your”) who is authorised to accept these terms and conditions and acts on that authorisation by clicking the "Accept" button.

By using Objective Connect You agree that the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy are conditions with which You must comply as a condition of Your use of the application. Violation of this policy may result in Objective suspending or terminating Your Objective Connect registration.

You acknowledge that security in the information technology sector is a constant concern and Objective may need to modify this Acceptable Use Policy from time to time to address security and lawful use issues.

Only share data that you are authorised to share

Each time You elect to share material using Objective Connect You are creating a controlled copy of that material and publishing it to the cloud. That act of sharing by You brings with it a lot of legal responsibility. You should always respect intellectual property rights and confidentiality as well as laws about avoiding harm to others.

The material that You share must not:

  • be an illegal copy of someone else’s copyright material;
  • contain anything defamatory about any person or business;
  • be confidential information which You are not authorised to disclose in whole or in part;
  • be data of a security classification that you are not authorised to share in whole or in part;
  • be data of a security classification that is higher than Objective Connect is certified to handle;
  • bematerial that could be considered as obscene material;
  • have the effect of causing an invitee who participates in the Share to feel they are subject to harassing, discriminatory or bullying behaviour;
  • infringe in any way any intellectual property rights of Objective or any third party;
  • infringe in any way the privacy rights of any individual;
  • have the effect of causing the Share to stop performing in whole or in part or to reduce its functionality in whole or in part;
  • contain a virus, a worm, a Trojan horse, a time bomb, other harmful code, a robot, a spider, spam material, advertisements for competitive software solutions to Objective Connect, political material, any data mining code, or other material of the same or similar damaging and/or nuisance character to the foregoing; and/or
  • contain any links to any or all of the foregoing bullet-pointed types of material.


When You use Objective Connect You must use it in compliance with all laws and regulations governing Your area of work and/or activity, including but not limited to Privacy laws.

In addition, You must not use Objective Connect in any way that:

  • causes civil or criminal liability for You or for Objective, in particular You will not use Objective Connect in any way that amounts to illegal file sharing;
  • restricts or inhibits other Users from using Objective Connect, such as hacking, cracking, or defacing any part of a Share or causing an effective denial-of-service through excessive uploads, or any or omission having a similar restricting or inhibiting effect;
  • infringes Objective’s Privacy Policy or causes Objective to be in breach of its Privacy Policy;
  • causes Objective to receive multiple complaints about Your use of Objective Connect from this parties; and/or
  • Harvests user information.

Only access Objective Connect in accordance with security protocols

Objective has designed and established Objective Connect with a view to satisfying certain security compliance thresholds commonly adopted across governments. You must not:

  • access Objective Connect in violation or any law;
  • imitate or impersonate another person or his or her email address or create false accounts intended to misrepresent yourself or the source of your email;
  • intercept material for or monitor Objective; and/or
  • use any means to circumvent the security measures put in place by Objective.

Only use Objective Connect fairly

Objective has designed and established Objective Connect with a view to enabling multiple customers to share information. Objective has identified a reasonable maximum Document size with a focus on functionality of the solution. You must not upload items in excess of Objective’s fair use thresholds.

Maximum Document Size 1GB

Legal Notices & Monitoring

Objective has adopted a policy of compliance with lawful notices from parties who correctly assert violations of any law concerning material shared by Users of the Objective Connect application. Objective will act reasonably where practicable to notify you if Your use has been the subject of any complaint. If we are required to immediately comply and restrict Your access we will do so to minimise the risk of loss to us. You agree that Objective’s approach is reasonable.

You must promptly rectify Your use of Objective Connect to bring it back into compliance with this Policy in the event we provide You with notice of complaint.

Please note that Objective reserves the right to monitor use of the application although such monitoring is wholly at Objective’s election. If your use attracts multiple complaints, for example asserting that classified data has been incorrectly shared or that intellectual property rights have been infringed or other violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, Objective may terminate your access.