Introducing the Objective Connect Help Centre

One of the stated goals when developing Objective Connect, is to ensure that we minimise the amount of training a new user requires to start collaborating on documents within a workspace. That being said, we also understand that people have different approaches to learning. Read more

Notice to all Administrators: One week to go until the general release

We are now a week away from delivering the next generation of Objective Connect as the new standard for all users. Hopefully by now all of your internal team and external participants have had a chance to test drive the latest features, gaining benefits from the enhanced user experience, the ability to identify documents via thumbnails and the ability to preview MS Office documents in the cloud.  Read more

Notice to all Administrators: two weeks to go until the general release

The countdown is on; now is the time to get your teams ready for the next generation of secure, external collaboration.  Read more

Our updated tutorial videos are ready for you to view

Good news! Off the back of our latest next gen software release last week, our tutorial videos are now available to help you get started.  Read more

Getting started with the next generation of Objective Connect

We've had so much demand for our "Getting started with the next gen" webinar presented by Melissa Rivera, we have posted a copy of it here.  Read more

And we are live | Test drive the next generation of Objective Connect today

The latest software release of Objective Connect has been shipped and is available for you to use. Read more

Notice to all Adminstrators: next generation available next week

We are excited to let you know that we are moving from the preview to the 'opt-in' phase. This is where we are inviting all users to opt-in to the new version of Objective Connect. Read more

Important security notice: IE 10 no longer supported

We are no longer able to support IE 10. This browser version no longer has the technical or security updates required for Objective Connect to securely function.  Read more

Product update | The next generation of secure external collaboration with Objective Connect

As a software company, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re solving customer problems with a new software release. Read more

VP for Objective Connect to speak at Australian Digital Government Summit

This week sees Rob Mills, Global VP Objective Connect, presenting at the Australian Digital Government Summit in Sydney. The primary outtake for attendees at the event is how to focus on driving transformational change and digital integration in public sector agencies.  Read more