Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad has been enhanced

Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad has been enhanced. It is now faster to navigate and easier to use. 

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Add Your Company Logo to Email Notifications

Each time you invite someone to a Share, add documents, make a comment or allocate a task, Objective Connect sends an email notification. The next update to Objective Connect will enhance email notifications, allowing you to brand them with your company logo.   Read more

The Human Face of Digital: Safeguarding the Vulnerable in Society

Drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental illnesses, injury, squalor, criminality, poverty… all known factors used to identify and target children at risk from abuse or neglect. So why are there so many children being let down by the services that are supposed to safeguard their welfare?
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Maintaining information governance with a mobile workforce

Yesterday Objective kicked off the 2016 User Groups in Wellington. VP of Objective Connect, Rob Mills, delivered the update on the recent developments for Objective Connect and the future roadmap. Read more

Workgroup Administration Has Just Been Updated

The latest update to Objective Connect Workgroup Administration is now available for you to use. Offering new levels of access to audit and Connection data, Objective Connect makes it even easier to know who has done what, when. Read more

Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad now available

We are pleased to announce that Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad is now available from App Store. Access all the documents you have in the cloud, no matter where you are - out of the office, on the road or even on a plane. Read more

Is a lack of communication putting the community at risk?

With the barrage of constant status updates about things like ‘what the guy that you once met on holiday is up to this weekend’ has the expectation now been set that our public services should communicate to each other about important events that could safeguard citizens? A tragic case in point of this was highlighted by the Lindt Cafe Siege in Sydney where the Coronial Enquiry (here) concluded that:  Read more

National Blood Authority Selects Objective Connect As Its Cloud Based Collaborative Platform

A critical aspect of the National Blood Authority’s work - collaborating across all Australian governments to manage and coordinate an adequate, safe and affordable supply of blood and blood products and services - has become significantly easier thanks to an innovative and secure private workspace provided via Objective Connect. Read more


We are proud to announce that the latest release of Objective Connect is now live and ready for you to use. Read more

Changing the way you get things done.

With Objective Connect, one of our key design philosophies has always been to deliver intuitive, zero training usability.  Read more