Your April Connect Customer Update

- 16 April 2018

Thanks to everyone who sent through such positive feedback from our first Connect Customer Update. It's great to hear that these updates are informative. Please keep the feedback coming or if you have any burning questions - let me know.

Here now - Support for Objective Trapeze Stamps

This week we delivered an update enhancing the preview service to better support Stamps on PDF documents. Previously stamps on PDFs, added by applications such as Trapeze, were lacking transparency when previewed in Connect, making them both hard to read and hard to view the content of a document. The latest update has addressed this issue. If you're not already using the Preview function in Connect, watch our How-To video here.

Coming soon - Download as a permission

Not all collaboration is two-way. There are multiple use-cases that require agencies to share content but restrict the ability to download local copies. We're on track to deliver this major capability update at the end of April. If you missed the webinar last week, don't worry - we are running an encore of it on Wednesday! 

Don't forget to bookmark the new Objective Connect Help Centre!

The new Objective Connect Help Centre has been designed to cater for different learning styles. While one person may like to simply jump in and give it a go, another may want to read a user guide, watch a how-to video or step through a structured help file. Bookmark - where you'll find all of our learning resources in one handy location.

Customer Use Case - Land Information New Zealand

Sharing documents securely is challenging at the best of times, but when it comes to high level executive board papers the issue moves beyond critical. How do you provide access to external committee members who could be viewing from anywhere in the world? Take a look at how LINZ is doing it in our Board Papers Use Case Brief.

That's all for now! Remember to keep an eye on the Connect blog for updates, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
- Ed


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