Transitioning to digital board reports just got easier

Chris Britton - 24 October 2016

As organisations transition from paper to digital, there are often times when users wish they could go back to the good old days. This is often the case when moving executives, councillors, and board or committee members from the monthly report pack delivered on paper, to a report pack that is digitally distributed.

Whilst there are massive benefits in moving to digital - removal of printing, binding and courier costs, instant distribution of amendments, audibility of readership etc. the recipients feel that this is simply making their job harder. The argument generally revolves around two capabilities being lost:

  1. The ability to read the documents offline, specifically when catching a plane
  2. The facility to easily take margin notes. The scribbles, thought bubbles and prompts that an executive or a councillor makes during their review, so they know exactly what to focus on during the upcoming meeting

Available Now In The App Store

To coincide with Collaborate 2016, the latest update to Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad was made available in the App Store. The update provided users the ability to add Personal Annotations to any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF and image files that have been shared with them.

By creating a local, encrypted version of the document on the device, users now have the ability to add a rich set of digital annotations to prepare them for an upcoming meeting. Personal Annotation features such as highlighting text, adding comments, plus free hand or pre-defined drawing tools, make reviewing a document a simple process. Watch the video below for a quick demonstration. 

Rob Mills, Global Vice President of Objective Connect, see’s the addition of Personal Annotations as yet another use-case for Objective Connect:

“We already have customers sharing their board and council papers using Objective Connect. With a few clicks from their Document Management System, monthly report packs are distributed to constituents in seconds. Personal Annotations, coupled with the existing ability to read documents offline that we released in April, means that a councillor or board member can pick up a monthly report pack, no matter where they are in the world and be fully prepared for the upcoming meeting."

The latest update to Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad is free and available now from the App Store


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