Sometimes the little things make a big difference

Anna Pelesikoti - 4 June 2018

As a team, we love doing BIG things. Big milestones for us were the major software release we did at the beginning of the year, with a new UI and new features such as Thumbnails for easily identifiable content and the more recent release of Download as a Permission.

And whilst it’s great to do big things, we appreciate that sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference to your day to day work.

The Connect team is on a quest to deliver some of those ‘small’ things in between the big stuff.

Member Search

The very first of these ‘little’ things, is Member Search.      

As the use of Connect has grown, and the size of our customers has also grown, our easy-to-use member management system has become...not-so-easy. We always knew the day would come when some of our customers would have thousands of members using Connect, and now our member management system demands a search function.

  • When you log in today, you’ll find the Member Search by going to the Enterprise / Workgroup section from within your profile (in the top right corner).
  • Select a Workgroup.  
  • In the new search field to the right of the Members section, begin typing at least 3 characters of a registered member’s first or last name to find them.
  • You can also enter the email address of unregistered users to find them.
  • To remove your search criteria, select X in the search text field.

We’ve documented this in as well. 

There’s more to come – and we want your input

We have a bunch of further ‘small delighters’ that we want to deliver, but we’d like to be guided by our customers in terms of prioritising them for release. An email will be sent to all Objective Connect Administrators in the APAC & UK regions asking them to fill out a 2-minute survey ranking the 'small delighters' in the order of importance to them. If you're not an Admin, or don't see the email out this week - please contact us and we will send you a link.

Thanks for reading!


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