Share your Annotations with everyone in a Workspace

Chris Britton - 1 May 2017

The latest update to Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad, available now in the App Store, gives you the ability to share your annotations with everyone in a Workspace.

Introducing Shared Annotations

In October 2016, Objective Connect for iPhone and iPad was enhanced, delivering the ability to add private annotations to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF and image files that have been shared with them (see blog post here). By creating a local, encrypted version of the document on the device, the October update gave users the ability to add a rich set of digital annotations to prepare them for an upcoming board or committee meeting. 

The latest update now delivers the ability to share the annotations with other participants within a workspace. An enhancement especially useful for assessors or any team member working in the field. Maps, plans and images can be digitally annotated and instantly shared with all participants in a Workspace. Photos can also be uploaded and instantly marked up with free-draw annotations and comments.  

How It Works

To share an annotation, follow the same steps to annotate a document as before. However, when you have completed the annotation process, you are now given the choice of keeping the annotations private or sharing them. If shared, the annotated document will be added as a new version in Objective Connect and, if integrated, will be automatically synchronised with your document management system. 

All of the shared annotations can be viewed in the iPhone and iPad app, previewed in Objective Connect or downloaded as a seperate document. 

Getting Started Guide for iPhone and iPad

To coincide with this update, an all-new Objective Connect 'Getting Started Guide for iPhone and iPad' has been published. This guide includes how to manage annotations and covers all other major functions in the app. The guide is also available via Objective Connect Getting Started Guides page on the Connect website:


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