Share Renamed To Workspace

Chris Britton - 2 March 2017

We are excited to announce that today's update to Objective Connect replaced the term Share with Workspace.

The next time you log into Objective Connect you will notice the following changes:

  • My Shares will now be My Workspaces
  • Share Owner will now be Workspace Owner
  • End Share will now be Close Workspace
Changing the term to Workspace will have no functional impact on your day-to-day use of Objective Connect.

Why change to Workspace?

As the functionality of Objective Connect has increased, the capabilities within a Share has moved beyond simply distributing documents. With the added ability to capture conversations and control tasks, the term Share no longer illustrates the depth of benefits being delivered. The term Workspace reflects the enhanced capability.

Getting Started Guides and Tutorial Videos

The Getting Started Guides and Tutorial videos have been completely updated to the reflect the change to Workspace.

In addition, all-new Getting Started Guides have been developed for organisations who have integrated Objective Connect with Objective ECM or HPE Content Manager.


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