New feature: The Workspace Record is coming

Anna Pelesikoti - 23 August 2018

Our Connect developers are busy putting the finishing touches on the latest new feature due to drop in September.

Objective Connect: Built for Government.

We understand that while businesses are audited once a year on their finances; the public sector can be audited anywhere, any time on their processes. It's for this reason that we are continually building out Connect around our three key pillars: long term evidence; confidentiality and control; and content and information exchange

Introducing the Workspace Record - audit and trace every action across the entire collaboration event
Previously, there was no way to capture in one place every single action, or easily tell a story of the collaboration that occurs within a Connect Workspace. Whether this information is required to settle a dispute on what happened, provide evidence in court, or simply a legal requirement to maintain a record, we're excited to be delivering the Workspace Record. 

The Workspace record is: 

  • A report that a Workspace Owner or Administrator can produce at any time. 
  • Already formatted and courtroom-ready - no* csv file, pivot tables or data analysis required.
  • Broken down into sections and provides a timeline of all events within a Workspace. 
Sections will include participants, documents, comments, tasks, and more. 

What you need to know - watch our staff take you through the Workspace Record step-by-step

The most important aspect of the Workspace Record is that it is only available for newly-created Workspaces, from the date that we go live. 

So: to understand the rollout strategy and how it applies, we recommend you watch the highlights of our recent webinar! #ICYMI: you can watch the recording below where we take you through an overview of the feature, all the different sections and what they do, and a demo of how it works in-product. 

Further resources

We've put together a Guide to the Workspace Record - this is free to download. 

That's all for now! I'll be back when we have gone live. 


*Don't worry - we have not removed the current Workspace audit! You can still use this - and we're looking at updating it later in the year. Stay tuned for that one! 


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