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Dan Parker - 16 April 2019

Coming up with new design and development ideas for Objective Connect is what our Engineering team thrives on. Right now we are in the middle of solidifying our core product positioning and roadmap focusing on the following:

  • Long-Term Evidence: providing a single source of truth for when you need to retrieve information on a collaboration event or require a detailed report of communications for audit purposes.
  • Confidentiality: delivering a safe and secure collaboration environment for your sensitive information to be shared within your trusted partner network. 
  • We also updated the system Audit functionality that was released before the end of last year. This will provide visibility to capture every step of a collaboration event or long running activity. You can also oversee who in your workgroup is sharing information with you, where and when, by conducting audits.

    Connecting on the go: Mobile enhancements 

    Mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms has been an exciting development initiative. These mobile enhancements are steadily increasing in pace, as we continue core feature enhancement development. This is a significant step, not just in providing mobile access to Objective Connect across multiple device platforms, but also throughout the wider Objective business, with the first ever step into the Android market.

    In parallel with mobile development, the Objective Connect team is kicking off feature development to further enhance the Long-Term Evidence components within the product, focusing specifically on:

  • Secure email functionality and integration within the Connect platform
  • Multi-factor authentication functionality with Enterprise integration – with functionality not just focused on individual user accounts, but extensions throughout Workspaces and Workgroups within Connect
  • Additionally, the team will be looking to progress some much-needed quality of life improvements throughout the application - such as implementing bulk download, reviewing document file-size limits and general interface enhancements with the aim to improve overall user experience.
  • For more information on Objective Connect mobile apps visit our website.


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