Important Security Notice: Supported Browsers and Retiring Classic Connect

Chris Britton - 30 August 2016

At Objective we take security seriously. We understand that your information getting into the wrong hands is simply not an option. That is why Objective Connect is certified to ISO2700 in the UK and has been reviewed up to “Protected” level against Australia’s Information Security Manual. Above that, Objective Corporation’s software development services are certified to ISO 9001. 

Support for Internet Explorer Version 8 and 9 ends 1st of November 2016

In line with this commitment to keeping your information secure, we regularly review the browsers that we support to ensure they regularly receive security updates, compatibility fixes and technical support. In January of this year Microsoft announced "Support for older versions of Internet Explorer ends". This means that older versions of Internet Explorer no longer receive security updates to patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware, helping to keep users and their data safe. To ensure that the information stored in Objective Connect remains secure, we will be ceasing support for Internet Explorer version 8 and 9 on the 1st of November 2016. Whilst Microsoft have ceased support for Internet Explorer version 10, we acknowledge that this more recent and established technology and will continue to support it for the foreseeable future.

Classic Objective Connect To Be Retired

As Classic Objective Connect was developed for older browser technology, it will be retired from the 1st of November.  In 2015 the Objective Connect User Interface was enhanced. This enhancement increased performance, improved usability and future-proofed the solution on all of the latest browser technology. The release of Workgroup Administration in April 2016, saw all of the functionality available via the Classic user interface in the enhanced User Interface. 

From the 1st of November all Objective Connect users will be unable to use the Classic Objective Connect.  By retiring Classic Objective Connect all users will not only have an improved user experience, it will also enable Objective to develop features at a faster pace.  

Need More Information?  

For more information If you would like more information or to discuss the change management required in your organisation to move your team to the latest browser technology or the enhanced Objective Connect User Interface, do not hesitate to contact the team at


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