Managing your Documents with Folders and Renaming

- 31 May 2013

One of the most requested features for Objective Connect in the past few months has been the ability to create folders from the Cloud interface inside a Share to organise your documents. Well, its here!

There is now an action (shown here on the new toolbar) to created folders and sub-folders inside the Share. You can name the folders with a name that suits your business or process and rename them after if you change your mind.

Folders and Documents can be renamed inline be selecting the new Asset menu's 'Rename' action on from the toolbar if you are currently viewing the contents of the Folder to be renamed.

If you have an Objective Connect Link installed you have always been able to manage Folders and Renaming from the source folder in Objective ECM. Currently Objective Connect Link does not support synchronising  folders that have been created in the Cloud, so you will not find this buttons until you have upgraded to Connect Link version 2.0 (Coming Soon)


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