Connect Link for HPE Records Manager 8.2 and above

Chris Britton - 2 September 2016

Don’t you hate it when you want to upgrade your core EDRMS system to the latest version, but there is a component within the technology stack that is holding you back? Your organisation can be blocked from embracing new features and functions that can lift productivity and in some cases hold back the delivery of new services. Overtime these blockers can start to cost real $$ and in some cases impact upon team morale.

Many organisations within both Australia and New Zealand are now looking to move the latest and greatest version of HPE Records Manager and Content Manager. With this in mind, Objective has been working hard to stay ahead of the curve and to certify the Objective Connect Link integration ensuring it is compatible with the latest versions of HPE solution set.

“Irrespective of the EDRMS that our public sector and our regulated industry customers are using, many are looking for secure ways to enable collaboration and processes with people outside of their organisation. We are seeing more and more organisations use Objective Connect to create secure workspaces in the cloud to support their repeatable processes that involve external participants.” says Rob Mills, Vice President of Object Connect.

One of the main reasons for our growth is our tight integration, known as Connect Link, directly with the EDRMS – ensuring that the organisation always retains a single source of truth. Feedback from our customers is that they love Objective Connect, but they also want to stay up-to-date with HPE. With Connect Link now certified for all of the latest versions of both Records Manager and Content Manager, there is nothing stopping them from upgrading” says Rob.

If you are using Objective Connect in your organisation and want to upgrade to the latest version of HPE Records Manager or Content Manager, contact Objective or your Objective Connect provider today.

 For more information on Objective Connect for HPE TRIM, HPE Records Manager or HPE Content Manager Click here.


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